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In 1991, we started out with just 73 people at our woodworking division in PT. RIMBA SEMPANA INDONESIA , mainly focusing on hardwood flooring and decking for the European market,

Since then, we have grown and gradually added a range of customized job orders of finger joints products from 1996, and we become well known for our Pulai and Jabon Issobo product for the Japanese Market, Acacia finger joint laminated board, and Albasia Falcata finger joint laminated board ever since.

In the year of 2012 we decided to expands our production line into Albasia Falcata barecore product and expand our market to China.

As our business grew, we saw a new opportunity of integrated material supply of Albasia Falcata species, and in the year of 2020 we decided to expands our production line into plywood and blockboard products.

As of today we have more than 500 people in our team specializing in the production of mixed hardwood, acacia, pulai, jelutong and albasia falcata wood species.

To achieve sustainable development and limitless growth in harmony with the society
To build our Reputation in the wood industry based on our Sincerity and Integrity by doing the best we can do

High Quality Legal Wood
Indonesian Legal Wood
Certificate : VLK 00269
ISO 9001
QMS 43300

Quality is a commitment, commitment is us

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness
In PT Rimba Sempana Indonesia we believe that commitment is the core value of a lasting partnership. You can count on us to give you a peace of mind from the moment the contract is signed until you receive your cargo. With us, you will find a dedicated business partner that take responsibility for our actions and our products.

Commitment is at the heart of everything we do
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Contact us +62 3354 22823